Contents               : The course covers detailed gene regulatory mechanisms identified in eukaryotes. The course basically covers two main topics: transcriptional and post-transcriptional gene regulation mechanisms. In the first half of the semester, gene identification methods and transcription will be briefly summarized. Then transcriptional regulation mechanisms will be discussed in detail together with the experimental approaches. The first half of the semester will conclude with the critics of some research articles pertaining to the topic of interest. A similar format will be used in the second half of the course in which post-transcriptional gene regulation will be lectured.

Objectives            : 1. To ensure that students are aware that eukaryotes are different from prokaryotes in such fundamental molecular biology and genetics topics as transcription and translation; 2. To ensure that students identify eukaryotic gene regulatory mechanisms; 3. To ensure that students understand in detail the experimental approaches related to transcription and translation and apply towards research; 4. To enable students to critically assess the content, methods used and results of scientific publications related to transcriptional and post-transcriptional gene regulation; 5. To enable students to design, conduct and report on a small research Project individually and as a group;

Students will learn about the structure and organization of genomes and how these factors shape gene expression and gene and genome evolution. The dynamic nature of genomes will also be emphasized. Information covered in lecture will be based on recent review articles with primary research papers used for class discussions. In this way, students should become familiar with the latest developments and hypotheses in the area as well as currently used experimental techniques.