This course, on the city of İzmir, dwells on the special urban patches and aims at a research about the socio-cultural dynamics of the selected patches. Besides, it explores the forms and the proponents of space production and its relationship with the urban context. Investigating the changing perceptions and conceptions of inhabitants with the help of different media, the course aims to develop critical standpoints in understanding the materialities of urban culture. These critical urban studies are:

·         “to analyse the systemic, historically specific, intersections between capitalism and urban processes;

·         to examine the changing balance of social forces, power relations, socio-spatial inequalities and political–institutional arrangements that shape, and in turn are shaped by, the evolution of capitalist urbanization;

·         to expose the marginalizations, exclusions and injustices (whether of class, ethnicity, ‘race’, gender, sexuality, nationality or otherwise) that are inscribed and naturalized within existing urban configurations;

·         to decipher the contradictions, crisis tendencies and lines of potential or actual conflict within contemporary cities, and on this basis;

·         to demarcate and to politicize the strategically essential possibilities for more progressive, socially just, emancipatory and sustainable formations for urban life.” (Slater, T., 2010, Still Missing Marcuse: Hamnett's foggy analysis in London town, City)