Planning theory course is designed to introduce major theoretical discussions and approaches in urban planning field. The course aims to provide students with an overall understanding of urban planning both as a discipline and a profession and with the knowledge necessary to comprehend and evaluate the current approaches to the planning process.  

 The course focuses mainly on following topics: 

            - The scope and historical framework of planning theory

            - Critical overview of the major contemporary planning theories

            - Current practice of planning and the planning theory

This course will introduce students to theoretical and practical issues of best practices in urban design field, focusing on the past, current and future approaches in city design practice. Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

·         Comprehend key concepts, approaches and principles of urban design,

·         Comprehend the process of an urban design project,

·         Analyze urban design projects in detail with all aspect,

·         Comparatively evaluate and criticize the projects analyzed.