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An orientation course to provide counsel to the students on the major areas of Civil Engineering including information on typical activity of civil engineers, integrated course sequences and content, and an introduction of the faculty. Professional engineering practice. Oral and written engineering communication. The students will have a better opinion of what civil engineering is and where they will get a formal civil engineering education.

The aim of this course is to obtain knowledge on the theory of rigid body mechanics and its engineering applications. After successful completion of the course, the students have the ability to obtain support reactions and inner forces of statically defined structural systems.

Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics

The objective of this course is to learn the fundamental principals of dynamcis and their use for analysis of rigid bodies under the action of external forces.

Course content:

- Kinematics of a particle

- Kinetics of particles

- Kinetics of particles: work and energy

- Kinematics of a rigid body

- Plane motion of rigid bodies: force and accelerations

- Kinetics of a rigid body: work and energy

- vibrations

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