Course Objectives

Developing as a design studio, this course aims at introducing students with the basics, methods and techniques of site planning. At a case of a selected site, the students are guided through developing and presenting their site planning and design proposals. The course evolves around the following aims:

a)      Learning various methods and techniques of site analysis with the consideration of the natural and socio-economic factors (including geology, geomorphology, hydrology, topography, local climate, soil characteristics, vegetation, ecological values, land marks, vista points, land use and social environment) affecting site features,

b)      Adhered to the site analysis and synthesis, generating different site planning scenarios and describing design programs,

c)      Proposing conceptual plans, site plans and projects at different scales,

d)      Presenting the site plan and design proposals with relevant presentation techniques and materials.


As a site for this semester’s studio, the course focuses on the site to the north of KYK Dormitories in IZTECH Campus in Karaburun-Çeşme Peninsula of Izmir Province. The theme of the site planning project is “A New Dormitory.” Interrelating with its surrounding land uses (including existing dormitories, staff lodgments and campus units), this settlement will include all daily functions required at neighborhood level (namely, dwelling units and commercial, social-cultural, recreational and entertainment related facilities) and significant structure(s) or areas for orienting and attracting daily population.