This is a research studio about urban space and spatial planning. It aims to introduce basic concepts, theories and assumptions about urban space and planning. At a city or a sub-region as its case study area, it also presents the related analytical tools to gather data at multiple spatial scales, cross-examine and evaluate the data groups for developing future scenarios and visions for this case area. Through the relevant and successful presentation techniques, students are expected to implement all of these stages at their research and planning projects.

At each stages of data gathering, data analysis and synthesis and building scenarios and developing visions, the basics components of cities include economic, social & demographic, political & administrative, environmental and ecological structures and also transportation and physical structures (incl., land use, infrastructure). Students’ research and planning projects must interrelate all of these components into a synthesis and interrelate their synthesis to their city scenarios and visions.

This semester, the case area is Balıkesir with a specific focus on Bandırma district. Next to the above mentioned basics, the student projects should relate to the particularities of Balıkesir and Bandırma.