Chemical Engineering

Course Instructor: Prof. Dr. Lütfi ÖZYÜZER

Lab Insturctor: Çağlar SAMANER

Lab Insturctor: Sinem DUMAN

This cms-course is intended for weekly laboratory reports upload.


"PHYS 121 - Laboratory" course is the supplementary course for the "PHYS 121 - General Physics," where you can demonstrate and study fundamental physical laws such as Newton's 2nd Law, Conservation of Energy/Momentum, Coulomb's Law, etc, in carefully prepared experimental set-ups. This course is intended to increase your understanding of the physical subjects and give you a solid physical intuition. 


In this lab course, we will experiment on the fundamental physics subjects every week. Every experiment consists of three parts, in the first part, you will attend a simple quiz before the experiment. The quiz will be about the upcoming experiment and its main purpose is to make you preview the subject beforehand. In the second part, you will demonstrate the experiment and take the relevant data. In the last part, you will write a complete report about the experiment and conclude your findings. You can find the Lab Manual below the page.

Report Submissions 

Reports will be uploaded to the cms for the relevant week/experiment until the next experiment hour, so you have exactly "one week" to upload your report. The system will not accept late submissions!