Laws of Motion in the frame work of Newton's laws will be studied. Position, velocity, acceleration of a particle will be introduced. The natural interactions in terms of forces on a particle will be disccussed and Newton's three laws of motion for a particle will be given. Important concepts of energy and momentum will be introduced. The principles of motion in the Newtonian framework will be generalized to many particle systems. Many particle systems will be studied in terms of collisions, center of mass, and rigid body motion. Angular motion in terms of angular position, angular velocity and angular acceleration of a rigid object will be covered.  Important concepts of classical physics, such as velocity, acceleration, energy, momentum, potential energy etc. will be introduced and discussed during the course. Students are expected to gain basic knowledge and understanding of motion of a particle and a system of particles in Newtonian physics. Basic knowledge of advanced mathmematics including calculus, trigonometry and vectors is helpful.