Fundamentals of Electricity and Magnetism will be covered. First we will investigate electric charge and its interactions interms of Couloum's Law. Next, the concept of electric field will be introduced. Finding electric field of a charge distribution using the approach from Coulomb's law will be carried out. Then, Gauss' law will be introduced as an alternative to calculate electric field of a charge distribution. Next, electric potential will be introduced. Electric potential of several charge distributions will be calculated. Capacitors as charge storage devices will be studied as circuit elements. The effect of dielectrics on electric field will be investigated. Next a simple circuit with a battery, resistor and a capacitor will be studied. Currents, energy and charge storage will be investigated. In the following chapter simple circuit analysis will be carried out in terms of Kirckhoff's junction and loop rules. 

In the following sections we will start studying magnetism in terms of magnetic field of a current. Then, magnetic forces on moving charges and currents will be seen. Ampere's law, Faraday's law and Biot-Savart law will be introduced.  The phenomenon of magnetic induction will be carried out. A discussion of an RLC circuit will also be given.