MBG 101       Introductory Biology                                                            3 credit hours


Instructor:       Prof. Dr. H. Çağlar Karakaya

Office:                        MBG D211

Telephone:      7507305

Email:             caglarkarakaya@iyte.edu.tr

Office hours:  by appointment


Course Objectives: The primary objective of this course is to explore chemical context of life, water and the fitness of the environment, carbon and the molecular diversity of life, the structure and function of macromolecules, membrane structure and function, metabolism, cellular respiration, cell communication, the chromosomal basis of inheritance, from gene to protein, the genetics of viruses and bacteria, eukaryotic genomes, DNA technology and genomics, the genetic basis of development


Table of Contents


 3. Water                                                        .                      


 4. Carbon. The  basis of molecular diversity           

5. Biological macromoleculs and lipids                                           

7. Cell  Structure and Function.


8. Cell membranes


9.Cellular signalling


16. Nucleic acid and  Inheritance.                           


17. Expression of genes        


18. Control of Gene Expression                                          


20. DNA technologyy


21.Evoluation of Genomes                           





Book: Campell Biology


Assignments and Grading:

Homework (%20)

1 Midterm (%40)

1 Final ( %40)