Fundamental quantities relating the motion of particles will be defined, such as position, displacement, velocity, and acceleration. Then, the concept of force will be introduced and dynamics of motion of a particle in terms of Newton's laws will be described. Concept of energy will be introduced in terms of kinetic energy of a particlecle. The concepts of work and power will be given for interacting particles, objects, etc. Next subject will be about systems conservative froces and potential energy. Momentum of a particle and system of particles will then be introduced. Some important definitions for a system of particles will be made such as center of mass position, moment of intertia etc. Collisions and impulse will be given as an application for the case of system of particles. Next subject will cover angular motion in terms of rotation of rigid bodies. Angular position, angular velocity, angular acceleration, etc. will be defined. Dynamics of angular motion in terms of torques will be discussed. Important concept of angular momentum and its conservation will be studied. The course will be concluded with a genral discussion of rolling motion as the sum of translational and rotational motion.