Natural phenomena of electricity and magnetism will be covered. The concept of electric charge will be introduced as the source of electromagnetism. Electrical interactions will be studied in terms of Coulomb force between charged particles. THe notion of electrical field will be developed as the effect of a charge in its surrounding space. Flux and Gauss law will be studied as an alternative way of establishing charge-field relation. Potential energy of a charge contribution and electric potential will be intorduced as a macroscopic quantity in terms of change in the potential energy per moving charge. Capacitors, currents and resistors will be introduced as circuit elements. Simple resistor capacitor (RC) circuits will be introduced. Circuit analysis for finding currents, resistances, etc, will be introduced in the framework of energy and charge conservation rules via Kirchoff's loop and junction rules.  An introduction to magnetism will be carried out in terms of magnetic interactions between charged objects with relative velocities or charges and currents. Sources of magnetic field will be studied in terms of moving charges and currents via Biot-Savart La and Ampere's Law. Connection between changing magnetic flux and associated electric field will be covered in the subject of Induction. Faraday's law and Lenz law will be given with examples. Strong and intricate connection between varying electric ang magnetic fields as well as their relations to source charges and moving charges will be collectively given in terms of Maxwell's law's of Electrodynamics.